Noro Consulting Services offers full payroll and contract administration services.
Our payroll solutions ensure that your payroll needs are met on time, every time, helping the clients to streamline their payroll process, improve productivity and simplify administration.


• Salaries calculation
• Salary sheet
• Managing all the aspects related to the
submission of the related forms with the
social assurance contributions
• Elaboration of different certificates for
the employees.


• Elaborate/Register individual labor contracts, additional documents to the labor contract, decisions
• Elaborate, update, and manage working books
• Elaborate / submit the personal contributions
form to the health, unemployment and pension
state budgets

We can adapt and modify our services offer according to our client’s needs and specifications
Payroll and contract administration benefits
Increased performance - NCS will provide a team of specialists in charge of all aspects of personnel administration and payroll, allowing the client company to focus on other important areas of business development.
Reducing direct and indirect costs - for staff involved in the salary calculation of wages and administration procedures, besides salary costs usually there are additional expenses with specialized work equipment, purchasing and maintenance of the software, furniture, supplies.
Letting NCS managing your payroll and administrating your personnel working contracts will save you all this additional costs.

Let the salary calculation to our salary expert!
Availability - while for your employee unavailability periods may occur, such as vacation or sick leave, NCS staff will always be at the disposal of the client company
Actualized information: our human resources & payroll experts will always provide you information regarding changes on legislation

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