BUSINESS CONSULTANCYNoRo Consulting Services offers a unique blending of successful entrepreneurial experience, academic/legal insight and practical business analysis

We assist the clients with business consultancy according to their needs.

Such needs vary by certain projects, stage and other specifics of the company :
Advice for business cooperation and opportunities: we provide you reports of market research & analyze and advice you the best and shortest way to achieve success.
We build up business strategies and help you find the key person/company to involve in your achievements.
Business development: we can built up for you the business development strategies and we can also provide the right people that can achieve them
Optimize the image of the company: we help you improve your company image, our web developers and image advisers can help to present your company in the best way.
General assistance: we manage all the aspects regarding business start-up finding new office space, contracts negotiation support, services providers, furniture, equipment etc

We help our clients transform their business.
No matter the stage of the company, our expertise and services drive the business forward.

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